Our funds provide flexibility to different investment goals while maintaining stable yet sustainable returns



Dynamic Balanced Fund (DBF) is a multi-asset fund that aims to take advantage of long-term macro trends while adapting to developing trends. Strategic asset allocation in equities, fixed income, commodities and alternative strategies aims to generate diversified returns with lower volatility.

Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Technologies, and Automation [AAA] are three major themes in the next decade of industrial transformation, and  companies who excel in these areas would likely outperform.  The fund has a clear tilt towards companies leading at the forefront of these AAA fields, as well as firms that will benefit directly or indirectly from their involvements in these technologies.  The fund is particularly focused on the latest developments in Web 3.0 and the metaverse, and we expect to have increasing exposures to companies leading in or driving this space. Unlike funds which look only for Growth companies involved in AAA, we aim to strike a balance by also seeking out Value companies that are transforming and pivoting using these technologies. High yielding companies that are using these technologies to generate stable earnings would help provide stability and yield to the fund. Together, the fund aims to generate long-run positive returns through focus on the 3 growth technologies and diversification via the 3 strategies of Growth, Value and Yield.


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Bond Equity Fund (BEF) is an equity fund that aims to generate sustainable risk-adjusted returns that could withstand different business and market cycles. The fund is invested across key markets like USA, China and Singapore, and diversified in key strategies like Growth, Value, and Yield.

While generating positive returns is the main goal of the fund, sustainability is equally important. Only firms conducting businesses with due consideration for ESG [Environmental, Social and Governance] principles will be included. We strongly believe that the layering of different markets and strategies, combined with our ESG focus will result in sustainable and optimal risk-adjusted returns that could withstand different business and market cycles.ategies